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Remove the hot-swap SMM2

Use this information to remove the hot-swap System Management Module 2 (SMM2).

About this task
Read the Installation Guidelines to ensure that you work safely.


Figure 1. Hot-swap SMM2 removal
Hot-swap SMM2 removal

Remove the hot-swap SMM2 from the enclosure.
  1. Release and rotate the front handle on the SMM2 as shown in the illustration.
  2. Slide the SMM2 out of the enclosure.
  • The system fans will ramp up to full speed after the SMM2 has been removed from the enclosure.

  • Replace the SMM2 as soon as possible after removal to ensure proper operation of the system.

After you finish

If you are instructed to return the component or optional device, follow all of the packaging instructions, and use any packaging materials for shipping that are supplied to you.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube