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Power supply

The ThinkSystem DA240 Enclosure Type 7D1J supports two autoranging power supplies.

The power supplies get electrical power from a 200 - 240 Vac power source and convert the AC input into 12.2 V outputs. The power supplies are capable of autoranging within the input voltage range. There is one common power domain for the enclosure that distributes power to each of the compute nodes through the system power distribution boards.

AC redundancy is achieved by distributing the AC power cord connections between independent AC circuits.

Each power supply has internal fans and a controller. The power supply controller can be powered by any installed power supply that is providing power through the power distribution boards.

The power supplies contain internal cooling fans. Do not obstruct the fan exhaust vents.

It is required to install two power supplies regardless of the type of power supply, the enclosure power load, or selected enclosure power policy.

The ThinkSystem DA240 Enclosure Type 7D1J does not support mixing of low input voltage power supplies with high input voltage power supplies. For example, if you install a power supply with an input voltage of 100 - 127 Vac in an enclosure that is powered by 200 - 240 Vac power supplies, the 100 - 127 Vac power supply will not power on. A configuration error will be flagged to indicate that this power supply configuration is not supported.

The following illustration shows the power supply:
The power supplies for your solution might look slightly different from that shown in the illustration.
Figure 1. Power supply LEDs and connectors
Power supply LEDs and connectors
1 Input (AC) power LED (green)3 Power supply error LED (yellow)
2 Output (DC) power LED (green)4 Power cord connector

There are three LEDs on each power supply:

1 AC power LED (green): When this LED is lit (green), it indicates that AC power is being supplied to the power supply.

2 DC power LED (green): When this LED is lit (green), it indicates that DC power is being supplied from the power supply to the power distribution boards in the enclosure.

3 Power supply error LED (yellow): When this LED is lit (yellow), it indicates that there is a fault with the power supply.
Before unplugging the AC power cord from one power supply or removing one power supply from the enclosure, verify that the capacity of the other power supply is sufficient to meet the minimum power requirements for all components in the enclosure.