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System-board LEDs

The following illustration shows the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on the system board.

Figure 1. System-board LEDs
System-board LEDs
1 Network activity LED (green, visible from front view) behavior:
  • Blinking: There are on-going network activities.
  • On: Network is established, while there is no activity.
  • Off: There is no established network.
2 XCC heartbeat LED (green) behavior:
  • Blinking slowly: XCC is functioning.
  • Blinking rapidly and constantly: XCC is malfunctioning.
  • On: XCC is malfunctioning.
  • Off: XCC is malfunctioning.
3 ME heartbeat LED (green) behavior:
  • Blinking: PCH ME is functioning.
  • On: PCH ME is malfunctioning.
  • Off: PCH ME is malfunctioning.