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System-board switches

The following illustration shows the location and description of the switches.

  1. Before you change any switch settings or move any jumpers, turn off the solution; then, disconnect all power cords and external cables. Review the information in Safety Information page, Installation Guidelines, Handling static-sensitive devices, and Power off nodes.

  2. If there is a clear protective sticker on the switch blocks, you must remove and discard it to access the switches.

  3. Any system-board switch or jumper block that is not shown in the illustrations in this document are reserved.

Figure 1. Location of the switches on the system board
Location of the switches on the system board
Table 1. Switch definition
Switch nameSwitch numberSwitch nameUsage description
1 SW23Machine Engine (ME) firmware security overrideME update by jumper.Normal (default)
4Password overrideOverrides the power-on password.Normal (default)
5Low securityEnable low securityNormal (default)
2 SW33Clear CMOSClear CMOS dataNormal (default)
5Serial selectSends the XCC to the serial portSend the serial input output (SIO) to the front serial port (default) .