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System-board LEDs

Use this information to locate the system-board LEDs.

The following illustration shows the locations of the LEDs on the system board.

Figure 1. System-board LED
Graphic illustrating the light diagnostics panel on the system board
Table 1. System-board LED
1 Processor 3 error LED7 DIMM error LED 19 – 24
2 DIMM error LED 25 – 308 DIMM error LED 43 – 48
3 DIMM error LED 1 – 69 Light path diagnostics
4 Processor 1 error LED10 Processor 4 error LED
5 DIMM error LED 7 – 1811CMOS battery error LED
6 Processor 2 error LED12 DIMM error LED 31 – 42
Table 2. System-board LED
Diagnostics LED on system boardDescription
Processor x errorThe Lenovo XClarity Controller lights this LED when a processor has failed or overheated or the start processor 1 is missing. The fault LED on the front panel is also lit.
DIMM error LEDA memory error occurred.
CMOS battery error LEDThe system CMOS battery is not installed or is not working.