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Enable Intel® On Demand Troubleshooting

Refer to the table below for Intel On Demand installation error messages and user actions.

Table 1. Intel On Demand installation messages and user actions
MessageUser Action
License key upgraded successfully. The features will be activated on the processor after system power cycle.You can activate Intel On Demand after performing one system power cycle.
The activation key format is invalidCheck if you have uploaded the correct Activation Key file. If the error persists, contact Lenovo support.
Invalid processor PPIN in Activation keyContact Lenovo support.
The license was installed in the processor alreadyYou have already installed this activation key. Check if the activation key you uploaded is correct.
Not enough NMRAM space in the processorContact Lenovo support.
Internal errorContact Lenovo support.
Cold reset needed before next provisioningIf you want to continue installing an activation key, perform a system power cycle at first.
Unable to provision LAC due to FEH errorContact Lenovo support.
Unable to import license in shutdown state, please try again after power on.Power on the system before installing Intel On Demand.
Unable to import license due to On Demand Capabilities information is in progress. Please try again later.If you want to continue installing an activation key, try again later.