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Remove the serial port module

Use this information to remove the serial port module.

To remove the serial port module, complete the following steps:

The serial port module might be installed on riser 1 assembly or riser 2 assembly. The following steps are based on the scenario that the serial port module is installed on riser 2 assembly. The removal procedure is the same for the serial port module installed on riser 1 assembly.

  1. Disconnect the cable of the serial port module from the system board.
  2. Grasp the riser assembly with the serial port module and carefully lift it out of the server.
    Figure 1. Riser assembly removal
    Riser assembly removal

  3. Slide the serial port module out of the riser assembly.
    Figure 2. Serial port module removal
    Remove the serial port module.

After removing the serial port module:
  1. Install a new serial port module, a PCIe adapter, or a PCIe slot bracket to cover the place.

  2. If you are instructed to return the old serial port module, follow all packaging instructions and use any packaging materials that are provided.