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Use this section to understand the routing for GPUs.

If your GPU adapter TDP is equal to or lower than 75 watts, the adapter can be powered directly by the riser slot. An extra power cable is needed for powering GPU adapters with TDP higher than 75 watts.
Figure 1. GPU cable routing

1 Power connector on a GPU adapter (on riser 3 assembly)Riser 3 GPU Pwr connector on the system board
2 Power connector on a GPU adapter (on riser 1 or 2 assembly)GPU Pwr connector on the riser card (on riser 1 or 2 assembly)
If you need to install an M.2 backplane on the GPU air baffle, route the GPU power cable from riser 2 beneath the M.2 backplane holder. Refer to below illustration for cable routing on the air baffle.