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PCIe cabling or expansion cage configuration problems

Use this information to resolve issues related to PCIe cabling.

In the event of a loose or incorrectly cabled PCIe cable connection, the fault LED will be lit, and the following event will be logged in the XClarity Controller event log:
The connector %s has encountered a configuration error.
where %s is one of the following strings:
  • IO Riser

  • PCIe Expansion 1

  • PCIe Expansion 2

  • PCIe Conn N, where N is a number from 1 to 12 that represents the PCIe connector on the system board.

Complete the following steps to resolve the issue:
  • To resolve I/O expansion cage errors, validate that jumper 11 (J11) on the I/O expansion cage card is set to Default.

  • To resolve PCIe expansion cage 1 or PCIe expansion cage 2 errors, validate that jumper 11 (J11) on the PCIe expansion cage care is set to Inverted.

  • Complete the following steps to resolve PCIe Conn N errors:
    1. Make sure that all PCIe cables are connected to the proper locations. For more information about cable routing, see:
    2. Check for loose connections, ensuring that all cables are properly seated and latched on the system board and on the expansion cage cards.