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System-board-assembly connectors for cable routing

The following illustrations show the internal connectors on the system board assembly that are used for internal cable routing.

Figure 1. System-board-assembly connectors
System-board-assembly connectors
Table 1. System-board-assembly connectors
1 Second management Ethernet connector13 Backplane 3 power connector
2 7mm drive/M.2 signal connector14 Backplane 7 power connector
3 M.2 power connector15 Backplane 2 power connector
4 7mm drive power connector16 Backplane 1 power connector
5 P 13-20 connector (left to right)17 NVMe 1-3 connector (left to right)
6 Front USB connector18 P 1-12 connector (left to right)
7 NVMe 11-12 connector (left to right)19 VGA connector
8 Front I/O connector20 External diagnostic connector
9 NVMe 4-8 connector (left to right)21 Intrusion switch connector
10 Backplane 6 power connector22 NVMe 9-10 connector (left to right)
11 Backplane 5 power connector23 Power distribution board sideband connector
12 Backplane 4 power connector24 Serial port module connector