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Rear system LEDs

This topic provides information on the system LEDs on the rear of the server.

Figure 1. Rear system LEDs
Rear system LEDs
Table 1. Rear system LEDs
1 System error LED (yellow)LED on: an error has been detected on the server. Causes might include one or more of the following errors:
  • The temperature of the server reached the non-critical temperature threshold.

  • The voltage of the server reached the non-critical voltage threshold.

  • A fan has been detected to be running at low speed.

  • The power supply has a critical error.

  • The power supply is not connected to the power.

Check system logs or internal error LEDs to identify the failed part.
2 System ID LED (blue)This LED helps you to visually locate the server.A system ID button with LED is also located on the front of the server. You can press the system ID button to turn on/off or blink the front and rear ID LEDs.