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XClarity Provisioning Manager events

The following events can be generated by the Lenovo XClarity Provisioning Manager.

For each event code, the following fields are displayed:

Event identifier
An identifier that uniquely identifies an event.
Event description
The logged message string that appears for an event.
Provides additional information to explain why the event occurred.
An indication of the level of concern for the condition. The severity is abbreviated in the event log to the first character. The following severities can be displayed:
  • Informational. The event was recorded for audit purposes, usually a user action or a change of states that is normal behavior.

  • Warning. The event is not as severe as an error, but if possible, the condition should be corrected before it becomes an error. It might also be a condition that requires additional monitoring or maintenance.

  • Error. The event is a failure or critical condition that impairs service or an expected function.

User Action
Indicates what actions you should perform to solve the event. Perform the steps listed in this section in the order shown until the problem is solved. If you cannot solve the problem after performing all steps, contact Lenovo Support.