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System board components

The illustration in this section shows the component locations on the system board.

Figure 1. System board components
System board components
Table 1. Components on the system board
1 Processor power connector15 Front fan power connector
2 Processor socket16 SATA connector 3
3 Processor fan power connector17 SATA connector 4
4 DIMM slot 118 SATA connector 2
5 DIMM slot 219 SATA connector 1
6 DIMM slot 320 Thermal sensor connector
7 DIMM slot 421 USB connector for dual SD card adapter
8 Front panel connector22 PCIe slot 3
9 Drive bay adapter fan power connector23 PCIe slot 2
10 System power connector24 PCIe slot 1
11 SATA power connector25 Rear fan power connector
12 Front panel USB connector26 Intrusion switch connector
13 Front panel USB connector27 3V CMOS battery (CR2032)
14 Slim optical drive USB connector