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2.5-inch drive replacement from 3.5-inch drive bay

Use this information to remove and install a 2.5-inch drive from a 3.5-inch drive bay.

The EMI integrity and cooling of the server are protected by having all drive bays covered or occupied. The number of the installed drives in your server varies depending on the server model. The vacant bays are occupied by dummy trays. When you install a drive, save the removed dummy tray from the drive bay in case you later remove the drive and need the dummy tray to cover the place.

An unoccupied drive bay without any other protection might impact the EMI integrity and cooling of the server, which might result in overheating or component damage. To maintain the EMI integrity and cooling of the server, install a new drive as soon as you remove the failing one or the dummy tray.
Before you begin, review the following drive installation rules:
  • Follow the order of the drive bays. See Server components to locate the drive bays in your server.

  • For SSDs with different capacities, install the drive by following the order of the drive bays as well as the order from the lowest capacity to the highest capacity.