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Configuration procedures

Lenovo recommends the following UEFI settings for Lenovo ThinkAgile HX series appliances.

The following procedure will configure the systems to the recommended levels:

  1. Set UEFI to default settings:
            OneCli config loaddefault UEFI
  2. Set the following values:
            OneCli config set BootModes.SystemBootMode "Legacy Mode" 
    OneCli config set SystemRecovery.F1StartControl "Text Setup"
    OneCli config set OperatingModes.ChooseOperatingMode "Maximum Performance"
  1. The use of OneCLI above is for illustration purposes only. Configuring through F1 Setup at boot time works as well. Refer to the system documentation or OneCLI documentation for more information. Power on/reboot is necessary for the UEFI changes to take effect.

  2. Refer to the following web page for the full list of ThinkAgile HX UEFI settings:

  3. For VMWare clusters, it is possible that EVC (Enhanced vMotion Compatibility) could be affected bysome UEFI settings. It might be necessary to change some settings, like MONITORMWAIT, from the recommended values below, to allow EVC to function asdesired.

    For more information on VMWare's EVC, refer to this article: