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License considerations

Some software licenses are provided with ThinkAgile SXM Series solutions; they must be accepted by the customer.

Some license agreements might be accepted on the customer’s behalf by Lenovo Manufacturing during the installation and provisioning processes. When required, license agreements will be shipped hardcopy or softcopy with the product.

All ThinkAgile SXM Series solutions include a Lenovo XClarity Administrator Pro license for proper management of the scale unit nodes. The license key file must be provided by the customer to the Lenovo Professional Services engineer at the time of deployment.

Additional licenses might be available for purchase during the ThinkAgile SXM Series ordering process.

Microsoft Azure Stack Hub subscription and billing

A Microsoft Azure Stack Hub subscription should be obtained by the customer prior to the deployment engagement. Lenovo Professional Services will review the requirements in the predeployment engagement.

For links to information about Microsoft Azure Stack Hub subscriptions and services (such as billing), see ThinkAgile SXM Series documentation and related content .