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ThinkAgile SXN Administration considerations

The following considerations and limitations apply to the ThinkAgile SXN products.

Limitation on automated service requests (Call Home)

Because the ThinkAgile SXN products are serviced and supported at the overall rack level, it is recommended that you not activate Call Home functionality for the components. If you choose to activate Call Home, be aware that your product entitlement might not be recognized immediately.

Firmware and Best Recipe adherence

Lenovo publishes a ThinkAgile SXN firmware Best Recipe, which identifies the supported levels for the various components. Any specific firmware that is above or below the level indicated in the Best Recipe is not supported and might impact Lenovo’s ability to support any issues with the relevant component. See Firmware maintenance and Best Recipe for more details.

Rack-level entitlement

The ThinkAgile SXN products are entitled at the overall rack level.

If you need support for the product or any of its components or included software, be sure to use the product serial number associated with Machine Type 9565. If you use the component or software serial number, ThinkAgile Advantage Support might not immediately recognize the correct entitlement, which could delay proper case handling. You can find the product serial number on the rack label.

Lenovo ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator

The ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator feature of CNOS enables automatic reconfiguration of switch ports when editing, moving or creating virtual machines. ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator is supported in the Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor environment.

For information about using ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator, refer to that documentation. See ThinkAgile SXN documentation and related content for relevant links.

Be sure to provide a relevant value for the VM description field in the Nutanix Prism app. Leaving the field blank could cause errors with ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator.