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IP addressing

The IP address scheme for the ThinkAgile SXN is as follows:

Changing IP addresses without proper planning could affect the overall configuration for the cluster.
Digit valueNetwork/16Range/IPNote
Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor172.16.511–32
Nutanix Controller VM (CVM)172.16.11–32
Cluster IP172.16.1200
ThinkAgile HX node IMM172.16.1011–32in-band for each node
RackSwitch G8052172.16.101200in-band interface
172.16.201200out-of-band interface
10GB #1 IB172.16.101201in-band interface
10GB #2 IB172.16.101202in-band interface
Lenovo XClarity Administrator VM172.16.101220in-band network
VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance172.16.101221in-band network
10GB #1 OOB172.16.201201out-of-band interface
10GB #2 OOB172.16.201202out-of-band interface