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Boot manager

Use this menu to choose boot order, boot parameters, and boot from a file.

Table 1. Boot manager details




Boot Sequence
Add Generic Boot Option 

Add one generic boot device as boot option.

Add UEFI Full Path Boot Option 

Add one EFI application or one removable file systems as boot option.

Delete Boot Option 

Remove boot option(s) from the Boot Order.

Change Boot Order 

Modify the ordering of selections within the Boot Order.

Set Boot Priority 

Set boot priority for the devices in a device group.

Other Boot Functions
Boot From File

Xxxx {xxxx-xxx-xxx…}

Boot the system from a specific file or a device. The following message boxes will be displayed to guide you through the process.

Boot Mode 

Change between UEFI boot mode and legacy boot mode.

Reboot System 
Reboot the system. When you select this item, the following message box will be displayed for you to confirm the action:
Reboot System
Do you want to reboot system immediately?
<Y> Reboot system immediately.
<ESC> Return to System Setup
If Y is pressed, all setup changes will be lost and the system will reboot.