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System settings

  • SAS/SATA drives or NVMe drives connected to a storage controller will be displayed in the storage controller submenu: System settings > Storage > Storage controller xxxx.

  • NVMe drives connected to the system without raid controller (sometimes using a retimer) will be displayed in one of the following pages:
    • System settings > Foreign Devices

    • System settings > Storage

Table 1. System settings details
<F1> Start Control
  • Auto (Default)

  • Tool Suite

  • Text Setup

Press F1 to start control.

Devices and I/O ports 

View onboard devices and I/O port options.

Driver health 

View the health of the controllers in the system as reported by their corresponding drivers.

Foreign Devices 

View the list of foreign devices.

Legacy BIOS 

Configure system UEFI firmware execution environment preferences for supporting legacy OS and legacy Option ROM.


View and change the memory settings.


View and change network devices and network related settings.

Operating modes 
Configure the operating mode based on your preference.
Power savings and performance are highly dependent on hardware configuration and the software running on the system.

Configure power scheme options.


View and change the processor settings.

Recovery and RAS 

Configure recovery policies and advanced reliability, availability, and serviceability settings.


Configure system security settings.


Manage storage adapter options. Some systems may use planar devices and can be configured under the menu of Devices and I/O Ports.