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BMC settings

Use this menu to configure the management controller.

Table 1. BMC settings




Power Restore Policy
  • Always Off

  • Restore (Default)

  • Always On

Determine the mode of operation after loss of power. It will take a few minutes for the changes to take effect.
  • Always Off: the system remains off upon power restore.

  • Restore: the default setting; the system restores to the state it was before power failure.

  • Always On: the system turns on upon power restore.

This item is hardware-dependent, and it cannot be changed to the default value by using setup load default.
Ethernet over USB interface
  • Enable (Default)

  • Disable

  • Enable: for using the xClarity Essentials in-band update utility.

  • Disable: prevent xClarity Essentials and other applications that are running on the server from requesting the BMC to perform tasks.

Network Settings 

Configure the network of the management controller.

Reset Factory Defaults Setting 

Restore all management controller settings to factory defaults, including network configuration and credentials. The management controller will be restarted automatically.

Restart BMC 

Restart the BMC.

When selecting this item, a following message box will then appear:
BMC restart (to defaults) command has been sent 
BMC will now be inaccessible for several minutes.
During this time, please do not attempt to make any
further changes to any BMC settings.