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Devices and I/O ports

This menu displays onboard devices and I/O port options.

Table 1. Device and I/O Ports details
Onboard SATA Mode
  • AHCI (Default)

  • RAID

Configure SATA as AHCI or RAID.
This item is hardware dependent.
Active Video
  • Onboard Device (Default)

  • Add-in Device

This setting only applies when the server has an add-in video adapter. When the option ROM is set to Legacy for both onboard and add-in video adapters, the Active Video setting controls which single adapter will display the System Setup utility.

Regardless of this setting, the system boot early video is displayed at the onboard video only, and the management controller remote console displays the onboard video only. This setting does not affect how the OS chooses to display its graphical desktop.

PCI 64-Bit Resource Allocation
  • Enable

  • Disable

  • Auto (Default)

  • Enable: enable the allocation of 64-bit resources for PCI.

  • Disable: disable the allocation of 64-bit resources for PCI.

  • Auto: allocate some resources below 4GB for legacy compatibility.

MM Config Base
  • 3GB (Default)

  • 2GB

  • 1GB

The default setting of 3GB is recommended. A higher value will increase memory available to the OS below 4GB but reduce memory mapped I/O (MMIO) resource available to PCI adapters. A lower than 3GB value will increase MMIO resources but decrease memory available to OS below 4GB.

If there is any issue occurred after you change the setting, you can revert to the previous setting.

Intel® VT for Directed I/O (VT-d)
  • Enable (Default)

  • Disable

Enable/Disable Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d) by reporting the I/O device assignment to VMM through DMAR ACPI Tables.

Enable/Disable Onboard Device(s) 

Enable/disable onboard devices or slots.

Enable/Disable Adapter Option ROM Support 

Control Legacy and UEFI-compliant adapter support.

Disabling UEFI/Legacy support may adversely affect pre-boot/boot functions.

Set Option ROM Execution Order 

Control legacy ROM load order.

PCIe Gen1/Gen2/Gen3 Speed Selection 

Choose the generation speed for available PCIe slots.

Console Redirection Settings 

Settings for console redirection and COM port settings.

USB Configuration 

Disable USB storage devices or individual ports.

Intel® VMD technology 

Press Enter to pop up the Intel® VMD for Volume Management Device Configuration menu.