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Replacing the PCI riser-card assembly

Use this information to replace the PCI riser-card assembly.

Read the safety information in Safety and Installation guidelines.

If you are replacing a server component in the server, you need to turn off the server and peripheral devices, and disconnect the power cords and all external cables.

To replace the PCI riser-card assembly, complete the following steps.

  1. Install the adapters in the PCI riser-card assembly (see Replacing a ServeRAID adapter)
  2. Reconnect any adapter cables that you disconnected when you removed the PCI riser-card assembly.
  3. Carefully align the PCI riser-card assembly with the guides on the rear of the server and with the PCI riser-card connector on the system board; then, place your thumbs on locations marked by the blue tabs and press down on the PCI riser-card assembly. Make sure that the riser-card assembly is fully seated in the connector on the system board.
    Figure 1. PCI riser-card assembly installation
    PCI riser-card assembly installation
  4. Install the cover (see Replacing the cover).
  5. Slide the server into the rack
  6. Reconnect the power cords and cables that you remove
  7. Turn on all attached devices and the server.