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I.2018002 : [I.2018002]


The device found at Bus % Device % Function % could not be configured due to resource constraints. The Vendor ID for the device is % and the Device ID is %. OUT_OF_RESOURCES (PCI Option ROM)



User Response

Complete the following steps:

  1. If this PCIe device and/or any attached cables were recently installed, moved, serviced or upgraded, reseat the adapter and any attached cables.
  2. Check IBM support site for any applicable service bulletin or UEFI or adapter firmware update that applies to this error. NOTE: It may be necessary to disable unused option ROMs from UEFI F1 setup or onecli or using adapter manufacturer utilities so that adapter firmware can be updated.
  3. Move the adapter to a different slot. If a slot is not available or error recurs, replace the adapter.
  4. If the adapter was moved to a different slot and the error did not recur, verify that this is not a system limitation. Then replace the system board. Also, if this is not the initial installation and the error persists after adapter replacement, replace the system board.