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I.2018003 : [I.2018003]


A bad option ROM checksum was detected for the device found at Bus % Device % Function %. The Vendor ID for the device is % and the Device ID is %. ROM CHECKSUM ERROR



User Response

Complete the following steps:

  1. If this PCIe device and/or any attached cables were recently installed, moved, serviced or upgraded, reseat the adapter and any attached cables.
  2. Move the adapter to a different system slot, if available.
  3. Check IBM support site for any applicable service bulletin or UEFI or adapter firmware update that applies to this error. NOTE: It may be necessary to configure slot to Gen1 or to use special utility software so that adapter firmware can be upgraded. Gen1/Gen2 settings can be configured via F1 Setup -> System Settings -> Devices and I/O Ports -> PCIe Gen1/Gen2/Gen3 Speed Selection, or the onecli Utility.
  4. Replace the adapter.