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S.51009 : [S.51009]


No system memory has been detected. No Memory Detected



User Response

Complete the following steps:

  1. If any memory errors are logged other than this one, take actions indicated for those codes first.
  2. If no other memory diagnostic codes appear in the logs, verify that all DIMM connectors are enabled using the Setup utility or onecli Utility.
  3. If the problem remains, shut down and remove node from chassis and physically verify that one or more DIMMs are installed and that all DIMMs are installed in the correct population sequence.
  4. If DIMMs are present and properly installed, check for any lit DIMM-connector LEDs, and if found, reseat those DIMMs.
  5. Reinstall node in chassis, power on node, then check logs for memory diagnostic codes.
  6. If the problem remains, replace the processor.
  7. If the problem remains, replace the system board.