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Recovering the server firmware (UEFI update failure)

Some cluster solutions require specific code levels or coordinated code updates. If the device is part of a cluster solution, verify that the latest level of code is supported for the cluster solution before you update the code.
If the server firmware has become corrupted, such as from a power failure during an update, you can recover the server firmware in the following ways:
  • In-band method: Recover server firmware, using either the boot block jumper (Automated Boot Recovery) or a server firmware update package.
  • Out-of-band method: Use the IMM2.1 Web interface to update the firmware and the latest server firmware update package.
You can obtain a server-firmware update package through one of the following ways:

The flash memory of the server consists of a primary bank and a backup bank. You must maintain a bootable UEFI firmware image in the backup bank. If the server firmware in the primary bank becomes corrupted, you can manually boot the backup bank with the UEFI boot backup jumper (JP16). In the case of image corruption, this will occur automatically with the Automated Boot Recovery function.