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Replacing a chassis shelf

Use these instructions to install a 1-bay shelf in the Flex System Carrier-Grade chassis.

To install a shelf into the chassis, complete the following steps.

Graphic illustrating the installation of a shelf in the chassis

  1. Align the shelf with the shelf supports inside the chassis. Place the shelf on top of the shelf supports and make sure that the shelf guide tabs fit under the shelf supports.
    The shelf guide tabs must be under the shelf supports for correct shelf installation.
  2. Slide the shelf all the way into the chassis until it snaps in place.
After you install a chassis shelf, complete the following steps:
  1. Reinstall the management node, if one was removed, and any compute nodes that you removed from the bays in which the shelf is installed.
  2. Turn on any compute nodes that you shut down and restart the operating systems. See the documentation that comes with the compute node for detailed instructions.
  3. Restart the management node, if one was removed.

    See the Flex System Manager Installation and Service Guide for instructions.

  4. Install node fillers, if you are not installing compute nodes or a management node in the empty node bays.