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Legacy user account policy settings

When the CMM security policy is set to Legacy, CMM user account policy settings are not restricted. The default Legacy user account policy settings can be used or these settings can be modified.

The Legacy user account policy establishes a lower level of control over users. It provides a less secure chassis environment than the High setting. If the Legacy user account policy is selected, you can override its default values to create a Custom policy by using the CMM web interface or the CMM CLI. See User account policy settings for information about user account policy settings, how to modify these settings, and the differences between the High and Legacy user account policies.

You can select the user account security policy by using the CMM web interface or the CMM CLI:

  • In the CMM web interface, to select the Legacy security policy, click Mgt Module Management and select User Accounts from the menu. On the Accounts page, click Global Login Settings, and click the Account Security Level tab. Select Legacy Security Settings from the menu and click OK. All fields and options are fully described in the CMM web interface online help.
  • In the CMM CLI, use the accseccfg -legacy command (see accseccfg command for information about command use).