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Booting from the standby CMM

You can boot from the standby CMM through the CMM web interface.

If you perform this operation from the primary CMM, it causes a failover to the standby as the active CMM for the chassis.

Use the following instructions to boot from the standby CMM:

  1. From the CMM web interface homepage, click Mgt Module Management > Restart.
  2. Select Restart and switch to standby in the Restart Management Module window, and click OK.
    If a Flex System chassis is set up for redundant CMM operation and both CMMs experience an unrecoverable failure, the chassis will attempt to switch control between the CMMs indefinitely. If this condition occurs, replace one CMM to return the chassis to operation or replace both CMMs to return the chassis to redundant operation. Depending on how each CMM failed, you might need to configure the replacement CMM or restore its configuration from a backup, if one is available. A failure of both CMMs might be an indication of other problems with the Flex System chassis; make sure that the chassis is operating properly before replacing either CMM. See Troubleshooting chassis for information about diagnosing problems with a Flex System chassis.