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Monitoring CMM events

The CMM event log contains event entries from all of the components in the chassis.

The CMM event log contains a list of all events that are received from all devices in the chassis. These events are also sent by the CMM to the optional Lenovo XClarity Administrator or Flex System Manager management node, if one is installed. See "CMM event log" in the Installation and Service Guide for your Flex System chassis for a complete list of all non-device-specific events and recommended actions, sorted by event ID. Device-specific event information is in the documentation for the device.

When managing the Flex System chassis using the optional Lenovo XClarity Administrator or Flex System Manager software, the CMM event log settings are not used; however, the management device does not change the CMM event log settings and the CMM will continue to function with its current event log settings.

You can configure the destination of event messages on the Event Recipients page. For each event that occurs, a message can be transmitted to an email server, syslog server, or SNMP trap receiver. Multiple recipients can be configured.

When you send CMM event logs to syslog recipients over a network, the data is sent unencrypted and can be read by any user who is connected to the network.
Use the following information to configure event recipient notifications in the CMM web interface:
  1. From the CMM web interface home page, click Events > Event Recipients.
  2. Click Create and select either Create E-mail Recipient or Create SNMP Recipient, and then enter information as needed and click OK.
If event IDs are not currently displayed in the Event Log page, you can enable them. To do so, click Filter Events and select the Event ID check box under Visible columns.

Graphic illustrating the CMM web interface Events menu: Event Log option.