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Unpack the rack cabinet

See this topic to learn how to unpack the rack cabinet.

About this task



The weight of this part or unit is more than 200 kg (441 lb). It takes specially trained persons, a lifting device, or both to safely lift this part or unit.

Make sure to follow fork-lift truck operating regulations to prevent overturning of the rack cabinet.

  • Space requirement: You will need minimum of 2885 mm (113.6 inch) on the rear side of the pallet to unpack the rack cabinet.

  • Tool requirement: You will need one sharp tool.

  • Forklift requirements:

    Only the front side of the pallet is available for the forklift.
    Figure 1. Forklift

    • 1 must be longer than 350 mm.
    • 2 must be shorter than 700 mm.
    • 3 must be between 1450 to 1650 mm.
    • Loading capacity must be larger than 3000 kg.


  1. Cut the four straps with a sharp tool.
    Figure 2. Cutting the straps

  2. Remove the top cover and side cardboards.
    Figure 3. Removing the cardboards

  3. Remove the top bars and side boxes.
    One of the side cartons contains the ramps and is quite heavy. Lifting it requires two people.
    Figure 4. Removing the top bars and side boxes

  4. Release and remove the side frames.
    Figure 5. Removing the side frames

    • Slightly lift and slide the six horizontal bars left to disengage their right ends from the slots on the right frame.
    • Remove the right frame along with the three horizontal bars.
    • Remove the left frame along with the nine horizontal bars.
  5. Open the front door. Remove the twelve screws, the two bolts, and the front shipping bracket.
    Figure 6. Removing the front shipping bracket

  6. Open the rear door. Remove the ten screws, the two bolts, and the rear shipping bracket.
    Figure 7. Removing the rear shipping bracket

  7. Rise each of the four leveling pads with wrench in turns until they no long bear the weight of the rack cabinet.
    Figure 8. Rising the leveling pads

  8. Secure the ramp with one of the bolts that are removed from the shipping brackets.
    Figure 9. Securing the ramp

  9. Place the ramp next to the cabinet front door, and slowly slide the rack cabinet down from the pallet to the designated location.
    Figure 10. Moving the cabinet

    Complete the following optional steps based on the space planning.

  10. Remove the outrigger stabilizing bars, and remove them.
    Figure 11. Removing the outrigger stabilizing bars

    • Remove the eight screws that secure the two bars to the rack cabinet.
    • Place the two stabilizing bars on the ground, and remove the bars.
  11. Remove the four screws that secure each of the outriggers, and remove the outriggers.
    Figure 12. Removing the outriggers

  12. Secure the stabilizer to the front of the rack cabinet with four screws.
    Figure 13. Installing the front stabilizer

  13. Secure the stabilizer to the floor with two screws.
    Figure 14. Securing the stabilizer to the floor