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showdes command

Use the showdes command to view a detailed description of one or more settings. For UEFI settings, the detailed description for this command is the same information that users access when pressing F1 during startup.

showdes command syntax

OneCli.exe config showdes [command option] [<options>]
Table 1. showdes command specific parameters
command optionOptional
Default value.
Displays all of the supported settings.
group name
Displays the settings that belong to a group name, such as IMM, UEFI, and so on.
setting name
The setting name value.
--interactive, -iOptional

Configure the OneCLI interactive mode. In this mode, OneCLI guides user to input the parameter step by step. Users can also click Tab to generate the configuration setting name.

--kcsOptionalForce to use IPMI over KCS local interface.

Specify the access information of the target SMM. The format is: userid:password@host[:port].

  • Both the IPv4 address and the IPv6 address are supported. The IPv6 address shall be enclosed in brackets. For example, [FE80:3BA7:94FF:FE07:CBD0].

  • If the IPv6 is LLA, the format is [FE80:3BA7:94FF:FE07:CBD0%xxx]. Replace xxx with the interface name.

  • --bmc, -b

  • --bmc-rest-port, -p

  • --bmc-password, -w

  • --bmc-username, -u

  • --check-trust, -C

  • --config

  • --node

  • --nolog

  • --never-check-trust, -N

  • --output, -o

  • --redfish


Refer to Table 2.

Example of the showdes command

In the normal mode:

onecli.exe config showdes imm --bmc USERID:PASSW0RD@XX.XX.XX.XX

In the interactive mode:

onecli.exe config showdes -i

Example of the description of a setting:

IMM.IMMInfo_Location: IMM.IMMInfo_Location:XCC Location
Help for XCC Location
Configure the "XCC Information", "location" setting.
  • Users can enter a maximum of 47 characters for this setting.

  • Special characters @`"',{}#$%^*()!~:;?[]=|+&<> are not allowed.