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Remove an M.2 drive from the M.2 backplane

Use this information to remove an M.2 drive from the M.2 backplane.

About this task

To avoid potential danger, read and follow the following safety statements.
  • S001
    shock hazard
    Electrical current from power, telephone, and communication cables is hazardous.

    To avoid a shock hazard:

    • Connect all power cords to a properly wired and grounded electrical outlet/source.
    • Connect any equipment that will be attached to this product to properly wired outlets/sources.
    • When possible, use one hand only to connect or disconnect signal cables.
    • Never turn on any equipment when there is evidence of fire, water, or structural damage.
    • The device might have more than one power cord, to remove all electrical current from the device, ensure that all power cords are disconnected from the power source.
Read the Installation Guidelines to ensure that you work safely.


Figure 1. M.2 drive removal
M.2 drive removal

  1. Make preparations for this task.
    1. Turn off the corresponding compute node on which you are going to perform the task.
    2. Remove the compute node from the enclosure (see Remove a compute node from the enclosure).
    3. Remove the components listed below from the compute node in the following order:
  2. Remove an M.2 drive from the M.2 backplane.
    1. Press both sides of the retainer.
    2. Slide the retainer backwards to loosen the M.2 drive from the M.2 backplane.
      If your M.2 backplane has two M.2 drives, they will both be released outward when you slide the retainer backwards.
    3. Rotate the M.2 drive away from the M.2 backplane.
    4. Remove the M.2 drive by pulling away from the connector at an angle (approximately 30 degrees).

After you finish

If you are instructed to return the component or optional device, follow all of the packaging instructions, and use any packaging materials for shipping that are supplied to you.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube