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Memory module installation rules and order

Memory modules must be installed in a specific order based on the memory configuration that you implement on your node.

For information on the types of memory module supported by this server, see Memory section in Technical Specifications.

The following memory configurations are available:
  • Memory configurations for standard processor

    • Independent memory mode

    • Memory mirroring

  • Memory configurations for Intel® Xeon® CPU Max processor

    1. HBM-only mode

    2. Flat mode

    3. Cache mode

Information about optimizing memory performance and configuring memory is available at the Lenovo Press website:

Memory - Lenovo Press

In addition, you can take advantage of a memory configurator, which is available at the following site:

Lenovo Enterprise Solutions Configurator (Memory Configurations)

Specific information about the required installation order of memory modules in your solution based on the system configuration and memory mode that you are implementing is shown below.

Memory modules and processors layout

Figure 1. Memory modules and processors layout
Memory module and processor location

The memory-channel configuration table below shows the relationship between the processors, memory channels, and memory module slot numbers.

Table 1. Channel and slot information of DIMMs around a processor
Memory channel1010010110100101
DIMM slot number 12345678910111213141516