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Chassis Front Overview

Individual tab is used introduce status of chassis front view and rear view components. Under Chassis Front Overview section, the following illustration indicates the node status:

Figure 1. Chassis Front Overview
Chassis Front Overview
  • Node: Indicates node numbering.

  • Width: Half/full is used to represent half-wide or full-wide node.

  • Height: Node height can be 1 to 6U.

  • Status:
    • Not Present: No node is installed.

    • No Permission: The node has not granted power permission and cannot be powered on.

    • Fault: The node has power fault and cannot be powered on.

    • Power On: The node is powered on.

    • Power Off: The node is powered off.

  • Reset/Reseat: Used to perform virtual reset/virtual reseat.
    • Reset: Remotely reset node XCC through FPC.

    • Reseat: Remotely power cycle the entire node.

    • After virtual Reset/Reseat, the node XCC takes at least two minutes to be ready.

    Chassis Front Overview needs to be manually updated 5 minutes after FPC or node XCC is reset to maintain latest node status.