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Chassis Rear Overview

Under Chassis Rear Overview section, there are three major sections to show the rear chassis status:
  • Management Module

  • Current PSU

  • Fan

Management Module

Management Module: Indicates the status of FPC

Figure 1. Management Module
Management Module
  • Status: Indicates the FPC operating status.

    • FPC Reboot: Warm reboot the FPC

    • Reset to Default: Restored the FPC settings to out-of-factory default

  • Firmware version: The current firmware version

  • PSoC version: When user performs FPC firmware update, PSoC firmware is automatically updated to the latest version.

  • Boot-up Flash: Indicates FPC current boot up bank. In normal operation, Boot-up flash should always be First. Only when the first flash has a hardware or firmware failure, FPC will switch to 2nd flash.

  • Identify LED: Identify LED (ID LED) is a blue LED to assist user in locating chassis in rack. User can choose to turn the blue LED solid on or make the LED blink once every second. Click Apply to activate the option.

  • Error LED: Error LED is on when critical event occurs. User can choose to turn it off and allow the LED to be turned on when the next event comes.


PSU: Indicates the status of power supplies

Figure 2. PSU
Current PSU
  • Status
    • Present:

      The power supply is installed.
    • Not Present:

      No power supply is installed.
    • Fault:

      The power supply is in faulty condition.
  • Ratings:

    Displays the power rating such as 900 W, 1300 W and 2000 W power supplies.
  • AC-IN:

    AC input power
  • EPOW (Early power off warning)

    • Assert: The power supply is in AC lost condition.

    • Normal: The power supply AC is in normal operating condition.

  • DC-PG (Direct current - power good): The DC power status of the power supply.

    • No: The power supply is not providing the required DC power.

    • Yes: The power supply is providing required DC power.


Fan: Indicates the status of fans.

Figure 3. Fan
  • Status

    • Present: The fan is in normal operating condition.

    • Not present: No fan installed.

    • Fault:

      The fan is in faulty condition.
  • Type: Supports only one type of fan (Standard).