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Chassis VPD

Figure 1. Chassis VPD
Chassis VPD
  • Backup: Save current chassis name onto USB storage device for future migration

  • Restore: Load the chassis name from previously saved data on the USB storage device

  • Edit: Modify the chassis name based on following rule

    • Chassis Name can be up to 64 characters using alphanumeric characters a-z, A-Z and 0-9, - (hyphen), _ (underscore), and space

  • Default Chassis Name: For example, “DW612 Enclosure” (offset 0x02FF of VPD).

  • Machine Type: For example, “545611Z” (offset 0x01FA of VPD).

  • UUID: Randomly generated ID number of the chassis (offset 0x0219 of VPD).

  • Chassis Hardware Version: Hardware version (offset 0x0206 of VPD).