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Serial-device problems

Use this information to solve problems related to serial devices.

Number of serial ports identified by the operating system is less than the number of installed ports

  1. Make sure that:

    • Each port is assigned a unique address in the Setup utility and none of the serial ports is disabled.

    • The serial-port adapter (if one is present) is seated correctly.

  2. Reseat the serial port adapter.

  3. Replace the serial port adapter.

Serial device does not work

  1. Make sure that:
    • The device is compatible with the solution.

    • The serial port is enabled and is assigned a unique address.

    • The device is connected to the correct connector (see System-board internal connectors).

  2. Reseat the following components:

    1. Failing serial device

    2. Serial cable

  3. Replace the following components one at a time, restarting the solution each time:

    1. Failing serial device

    2. Serial cable

  4. (Trained technician only) Replace the system board.