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Front operator panel LEDs

The front operator panel of the server provides controls and LEDs.

Figure 1. Front operator panel LEDs
Front operator panel LEDs

1 8 System ID button with system ID LED (blue)

Use this system ID button and the blue system ID LED to visually locate the server. Each time you press the system ID button, the state of the system ID LED changes. The LED can be changed to on, blinking, or off. You can also use the Lenovo XClarity Controller or a remote management program to change the state of the system ID LED to assist in visually locating the server among other servers.
  • On: System is identified. Press the button once to turn on the LED. Pressing the button a second time will make the LED blink. Pressing it a third time will turn off this LED.

  • OFF: System is not identified.

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2 7 Security LED (green)

The states of security LED are as following:
  • Solid on: The server is operating with security feature enabled.
  • Blinking: The server is in System Lockdown Mode. Activate or unlock the system for operation. See Activate or unlock the system.
  • Off: No security feature is enabled on the server.

See to activate the system. to activate the system.

3 6 System Error LED (yellow)

When this yellow LED is on, it indicates that one or more system errors have occurred.

An error has been detected on the server. Causes might include one or more of the following errors:
  • The temperature of the server has reached a non-critical temperature threshold.

  • The voltage of the server has reached a non-critical voltage threshold.

  • A fan has been detected to be running at low speed.

  • A critical error has occurred to the power supply.

  • The power supply is not connected.

Check the Event log to determine the exact cause of the error.

OffNoneThe server is off or the server is on and is working correctly.None.

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4 5 Power button with power status LED (green)

Press this button to turn the server on and off manually. Following are the states of the LED:

OffNoneNo power supply is properly installed or connected, or the LED itself has failed.
Flashing rapidly (four times per second)GreenThe server is turned off and not ready to be turned on yet. The power button is disabled. This will last approximately 5 to 10 seconds after power supply units are properly installed and connected..
Flashing slowly (once per second)GreenThe server is turned off but ready to be turned on. Press the power button to turn on the server.
LitGreenThe server is turned on.

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9 NMI button

Press this button to force a nonmaskable interrupt to the processor. You might have to use a pen or the end of a straightened paper clip to press the button. You can also use it to force a blue-screen memory dump. Use this button only when you are directed to do so by Lenovo Support.

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