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System reliability guidelines

Review the system reliability guidelines to ensure proper system cooling and reliability.

Make sure the following requirements are met:
  • Adequate space around the server must be spared to allow server cooling system to work properly. Leave approximately 50 mm (2.0 in.) of open space around the front and rear of the server. Do not place any object in front of the fans.
  • For proper cooling and airflow, refit the server cover before you turn the power on. Do not operate the server for more than 30 minutes with the server cover removed, for it might damage server components.
  • Cabling instructions that come with optional components must be followed.
  • A failed fan must be replaced within 48 hours after malfunction.
  • A removed hot-swap drive must be replaced within two minutes after removal.
  • Every air baffle that comes with the server must be installed when the server starts (some servers might come with more than one air baffle). Operating the server with a missing air baffle might damage the processor.