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Parts list

Use the parts list to identify each of the components that are available for your server.

For more information about ordering the parts shown in the Figure 1:

Parts list

Depending on the model, your server might look slightly different from the illustration.
The parts listed in the following table are identified as one of the following:
  • Tier 1 customer replaceable unit (CRU): Replacement of Tier 1 CRUs is your responsibility. If Lenovo installs a Tier 1 CRU at your request with no service agreement, you will be charged for the installation.

  • Tier 2 customer replaceable unit (CRU): You may install a Tier 2 CRU yourself or request Lenovo to install it, at no additional charge, under the type of warranty service that is designated for your server.

  • Field replaceable unit (FRU): FRUs must be installed only by trained service technicians.

  • Consumable and Structural parts: Purchase and replacement of consumable and structural parts (components, such as a cover or bezel) is your responsibility. If Lenovo acquires or installs a structural component at your request, you will be charged for the service.

Server components

Figure 1. Server components

Table 1. Parts listing .
IndexDescriptionTier 1 CRUTier 2 CRUFRUConsumable and Structural part

For more information about ordering the parts shown in Figure 1:

Parts list

It is highly recommended that you check the power summary data for your server using Lenovo Capacity Planner before purchasing any new parts.

1Top cover   
2Top cover key   
3Heat sink   
4Heat sink Torx T30 nut   
6Persistent Memory Module (PMEM)   
8CMOS battery (CR3032)   
9System board   
10Air baffle (300mm chassis)   
11Heat sink filler (300mm chassis)   
12Fan cover (300mm chassis)   
13300mm chassis   
14GPU filler (360mm chassis)   
15Air baffle (360mm chassis)   
16Heat sink filler (300mm chassis)   
17Fan cover (360mm chassis)   
18Support bracket (360mm chassis)   
19360mm chassis   
20Intrusion switch and cable   
21Security bezel dust filter   
22Security bezel   
23Security bezel key   
24Power backplane   
25Power supply unit   
26M.2 backplane adapter   
27M.2 drives   
28M.2 backplane   
29M.2 retainer   
30Riser card for Riser 2   
31Riser 2   
322.5-inch drive filler   
33AnyBay backplane   
34Riser 2 AnyBay drive cage   
35Riser card for Riser 1   
36Riser 1   
377mm/15mm trayless drives   
382.5-inch hot-swap drives   
39Security bezel cable module filler   
40Security bezel cable module   
41EIA bracket, left   
42EIA bracket, right   
437mm/15mm trayless drive cage   
44Fan cage   
46Full-length double-width PCIe adapter   
47Half-length half-width PCIe adapter   
48Firmware and TPM 2.0 Security Module   
49Serial port module   
50OCP 3.0 Ethernet adapter filler   
51OCP 3.0 Ethernet adapter   
52Wall mount LED cable   
53External LCD diagnostics handset