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FQXSPUN0009G : Sensor [SensorElementName] has asserted.

Sensor [SensorElementName] has asserted.

This message is for the use case when an implementation has detected a Sensor has asserted.



Alert Category

System - Other



CIM Information


and ID:0508

Automatically Notify Support


User Action

Complete the following steps until the problem is solved:

  1. Try to access the XCC by original IP. If networking does not have response, try to access the XCC by default IP directly through dedicated XCC management port. If none of the above external IP worked, try the in band IP: with lanoverusb enabled in OS.
  2. If XCC is accessible by the following the item#1, update the XCC both primary/2nd bank FW.
  3. If XCC is not accessible, reboot the system.
  4. Press F1 or use LXPM to do XCC firmware update.
  5. If the problem still exists, contact Lenovo Support for RoT security module replacement.