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Install the top cover

Use this information to install the top cover.

About this task

Operating the server with the top cover removed might damage server components. For proper cooling and airflow, install the top cover before you turn on the server.

240VA shock hazard

Hazardous energy present. Voltages with hazardous energy might cause heating when shorted with metal, which might result in spattered metal, burns, or both.

shock hazard
Hazardous voltage, current, and energy levels might be present. Only a qualified service technician is authorized to remove the covers where the label is attached.
  • Read Installation Guidelines to ensure that you work safely.

  • Prevent exposure to static electricity, which might lead to system halt and loss of data, by keeping static-sensitive components in their static-protective packages until installation, and handling these devices with an electrostatic-discharge wrist strap or other grounding system.


  1. Check your server and ensure that:
    • All components are installed and seated correctly.

    • All internal cables are connected and routed correctly. See Internal cable routing.

    • No tools or loose screws are left inside your server.

  2. A new top cover comes without sponges by default. If the old top cover is installed with sponges, remove the sponges from the old top cover and attach them to the new top cover.
    Figure 1. Remove the sponges from the old top cover Remove the sponges from the old top cover
    Figure 2. Attach the sponges to the new top cover Attach the sponges to the new top cover
  3. Install the top cover to your server.
    Handle the top cover carefully. Dropping the top cover with the cover latch open might damage the cover latch.
    Figure 3. Top cover installation
    Top cover installation

    1. Ensure that the cover latch is in the open position. Lower the top cover onto the chassis until both sides of the top cover engage the guides on both sides of the chassis. Then, slide the top cover to the front of the chassis.
      Before you slide the top cover forward, ensure that all the tabs on the top cover engage the chassis correctly.
    2. Rotate the cover latch until the top cover snaps into position. Ensure that the cover latch is completely closed.
    3. Use a screwdriver to turn the cover lock to the locked position.

After you finish

Complete the parts replacement. See Complete the parts replacement.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube