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FQXSPUN0018J : Sensor [SensorElementName] has transitioned from normal to non-critical state.

Sensor [SensorElementName] has transitioned from normal to non-critical state.

This message is for the use case when an implementation has detected a Sensor transitioned to non-critical from normal.



Alert Category

Warning - Other



CIM Information


and ID:0520



Automatically Notify Support


User Action

Complete the following steps until the problem is solved:

  1. If the sensor is "UEFI Auth Fail":
    1. Check if there is a de-asserted event triggered after this event is asserted before entering the OS.
    2. If yes, ignore this event because this problem is fixed by recovery algorithm.
    3. If no, collect service data log right after this event triggered.
    4. Contact Lenovo Support
  2. If the sensor is "RAID Vol State":
    1. Check whether there is any physical drive removed unexpectedly. Make sure that the drives are installed correctly in the same sequence as original VD creation.
    2. If the problem remains the same after physical check, boot the system in OS (if the original OS is corrupted, try to use external storage) to collect LXCE log and FFDC log during the failure.
    3. Contact Lenovo Support.
  3. If the sensor is ""XCC DB Status"":
    1. Reboot XCC and see if the problem is still observed.
    2. Monitor the system to see if the problem occurs frequently, biweekly or higher frequency.
    3. If yes, please collect service data log from the XCC WebGUI and contact Lenovo Support.