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System-board-assembly connectors

This section provides information about the internal connectors on the system board assembly that contains the system I/O board and processor board.

Figure 1. System-board-assembly connectors
System-board-assembly connectors
Table 1. System-board-assembly connectors
1 NMI button2 Rear USB connector
3 Micro SD connector4 VGA connector
5 Serial port connector6 Rear USB connectors
7 Lift handle8 XCC system management port
9 Internal USB connector10 Second management Ethernet connector
11 Riser 1 slot12 OCP module connector
13 CMOS battery (CR2032)14 M.2 power connector
15 7mm backplane power connector16 Front USB connector
17 Leak detection connector18 Internal Expander Power Connector
19 Front I/O connectornote20 Front I/O connector for Y cablenote
21 Backplane 3 power connector22 PCIe connector 8 / SATA connector 1
23 PCIe connector 7 / SATA connector 024 Backplane 2 power connector
25 PCIe connector 326 PCIe connector 4
27 PCIe connector 228 PCIe connector 1
29 Backplane 1 power connector30 Front VGA connector
31 External LCD connector32 Pump connector
33 Fan board sideband connector34 Fan board power connector
35 Internal RAID power connector36 Power supply 1 connector
37 Riser 3/ rear backplane sideband connector38 Power supply 2 connector
39 GPU power connector40 Riser 3 / rear backplane power connector
41 Riser 2 slot42 RoT Connector
43 M.2 signal connector44 7mm backplane signal connector
45 Middle backplane power connector46 Fan 1–6 connectors
47 Fan board power connector48 Fan board sideband connector
49 Lift handle50 Intrusion switch connector
  • The front I/O module on rack latch or the Integrated Diagnostics Panel on media bay is connected to connector 19. See Front I/O module.

  • The front operator panel on media bay is connected to connector 19 and connector 20 using a Y cable.