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Read these guidelines first

Read the guidelines before installing the rail kit and system to the rack. Install the system to a rack that meets the following requirements:
  • Minimum depth of 70 mm (2.76 inches) between the front mounting flanges and inside of the front door.
  • Minimum depth of 214 mm (8.43 inches) between the chassis rear wall and inside of the rear door.
  • The maximum distance between the front and rear mounting flanges is 762.0 mm (30.00 inches).
  • If you want to install the rails and a 0U PDU into the same rack, the rack must meet the following height and depth requirements:
    • 42U or higher
    • Without CMA: at least 1000-mm (39.37-inch) deep
    • With CMA: at least 1200-mm (47.24-inch) deep
  • Only install the system into a rack with perforated doors. Remove the rack doors and side panels for easy access during installation.
  • When installing multiple units, start with installing the heaviest device to the lowest part of the rack.
  • See the system Maintenance Manual or Setup Guide for the requirements of room air temperature.
  • Do not block any air vents. Spare at least 15 cm (6 inches) of space for proper airflow.
  • Do not leave the unoccupied space above or below an installed system in the rack empty. To prevent damage to system components, always install filler panels to cover unoccupied space to ensure proper air circulation.
  • Do not leave more than one system slid out from the rack at the same time.
  • Do not overload the power outlet when multiple devices are installed in the rack.

18 - 32 kg (39 - 70 lb)32 - 55 kg (70 - 121 lb)
Use safe practices when lifting.
mechanical lift required
The weight of this part or unit is more than 55 kg (121.2 lb). It takes specially trained persons, a lifting device, or both to safely lift this part or unit.
No weight on shelf
Do not place any object on top of a rack-mounted device unless that rack-mounted device is intended for use as a shelf.