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Install the rail kit to the rack

See this section to learn how to install the rails to the rack.

(Optional) If the system is being installed into a shallow rack or with a 0U PDU in the rear, the CMA brackets may need to be removed to reduce the length of the rails (see Appendix: Remove the CMA bracket).
  1. Install the rear mounting pins to the rack.

    Square hole rack
    Round hole rack
    • ① Fully extend the outer rail toward the rear mounting flanges in the rack.
    • ② Align the mounting pins with the rack flanges.
    • ③ Push the rail forward until the rear latch opens.
    • ④ Pull the rail back until the rear latch rotates back to the closed position.
  2. Install the front mounting pins to the rack.

    • ① Slide the inner rail all the way in to allow the front latch to open.
    • ② Open the front latch and align the mounting pins with corresponding front mounting flanges.
    • ③ Pull the rail forward until the pins go through the holes.
    • ④ Release the front latch to secure the rail to the rack.
  3. Repeat the previous two steps on the other rail.