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System board connectors

See this section to identify the connectors on the system board.

Figure 1. System board connectors

Table 1. System board connectors
1 Serial connector15 External LCD diagnostics handset connector
2 VGA connector16 Fan connectors
3 Two USB 3.117 Processor and memory expansion tray power connector
4 XClarity Controllernetwork connector18 Power backplane sideband connector
5 NMI button19 Front VGA connector
6 TCM/TPM module20 Power backplane power connector
7 PCIe riser connector (PCIe slot 1 to 3)21 PCIe signal connector 1
8 OCP connector (PCIe slot 4)22 On-board SATA connector
9 USB front panel module connector23 PCIe riser connector (PCIe slot 5 to 6)
10 PCIe signal connector 224 PCIe slot 7 (x8)
11 UPI connectors25 PCIe slot 8 (x8)
12 Processor and memory expansion tray power connector26 Intrusion switch connector
13 Front I/O connector27 7mm drive signal connector
14 Drive backplane power connectors28 7mm drive power connector