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Disassemble the server for chassis recycle

Follow the instructions in this section to disassemble the server before recycling the chassis.

Before disassembling the server:

  1. Read the safety information and installation guidelines (see Safety and Installation Guidelines).

  2. Turn off the server and peripheral devices and disconnect the power cords and all external cables (see Power off the server).

  3. If the server is installed in a rack, slide the server out on its rack slide rails to gain access to the top cover, or remove the server from the rack.

Complete the following steps to disassemble the server for chassis recycle:

  1. Remove the security bezel (see Remove the security bezel).
  2. Remove the top cover (see Remove the top cover).
  3. Remove both power supply units (see Remove a hot-swap power supply unit).
  4. Remove the processor and memory expansion tray and the expansion tray air baffle (see Remove the processor and memory expansion tray).
  5. Remove the fan cage assembly (see Remove the fan cage assembly).
  6. Remove all the drives that are installed (see Remove a 2.5-inch hot-swap drive).
  7. Remove both the drive backplanes that are installed (see Remove a drive backplane).
  8. Remove the front VGA assembly (see Remove the front VGA assembly).
  9. Remove the operator panel tray assembly (see Remove the front operator panel).
  10. Remove the PCIe riser-card assembly (see Remove the PCIe riser-card assembly).
  11. Remove all the adapters that are installed (see Remove an adapter and Remove the LOM adapter).
  12. Remove the memory modules that are installed on the system board (see Remove a memory module).
  13. Remove both PHMs that are installed on the system board (see Remove a processor and heat sink).
  14. Remove the system board (see Remove the system board).

After disassembling the server, comply with local regulations when recycling the chassis.